| May 28, 2017


Youth Qiyam Night

Please join us for Qiyam Night held Twice a Month

For Night filled with the remembrance and worship of Allah (SWT), beneficial reminders, and fun games to get to know one another and test our Islamic knowledge. Snacks and Prizes!!

This is an event run and organized by the youth. If your Interested in  participating please sign up HERE


Prayer Schedule

FAJIR 5:55 6:10
DUHR 1:20 1:50
ASR 5:10 5:30
MAGHRIB 1:17 8:10
ISHA 9:10 9:30


1st Khutbah 12:30 pm
2nd Khutbah 1:30 pm

Make a Donation

Please help us build the Masjid so that Allah may build a house for you in Jannah.

Goal: $450,000 Last Updated on 11/28/2016