| May 28, 2017


Tahfid Program

The  Tahfid Program  provides an opportunity for  Muslim children in the community  below  to memorize the whole quran with 3-4 years. It will be operate on select weekdays from 5pm-8pm. Our staff is composed of highly dedicated and qualified teachers. We are in session  for the entire academic year with the exception of the general public and Islamic  holidays.

*** Tentative Start Date ****


  • Students interested for enrolment in the training session must be 7-15 years old and
  • shall be able to read any part of the Quran smoothly with correct pronunciation, and must have memorized at least the basic Suras, preferably some of the longer Suras.
  • Parents are responsible for their child's academic schooling and to make proper arrangements 
  • Parents are responsible for providing transporation to and from the program



Prayer Schedule

FAJIR 5:55 6:10
DUHR 1:20 1:50
ASR 5:10 5:30
MAGHRIB 1:17 8:10
ISHA 9:10 9:30


1st Khutbah 12:30 pm
2nd Khutbah 1:30 pm

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Please help us build the Masjid so that Allah may build a house for you in Jannah.

Goal: $450,000 Last Updated on 11/28/2016